Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Big Snow – the Sequel

"Here we go again," I thought as early reports predicting another Southern snowstorm started appearing on the Weather Channel last week. Sure enough, at 2:35 p.m. Friday afternoon, a wall of snow swept over our neighborhood as The Ice Crone struck again.

We were well prepared with groceries, back-up heating, well charged electronics, and a positive attitude. Snow depths were varied over the area, according to our local paper's web site. We had nearly 8 inches on our deck and deeper snow in the yard, I just didn't venture out to measure. I got wet and cold enough measuring on the deck railing; I didn't feel like slogging through the deeper snow.

I've spent time doing some house cleaning, reading, watching television, web surfing and relaxing. Last night I made a batch of peanut butter cookies. Yummy! Yes, I know I didn't need to make and eat a bunch of cookies, but hey, snow makes me hungry!

I also downloaded a neat history book for my Kindle Reader for PC™ and spent time brushing up on American History last night. The book is A History of the American People, by Paul M. Johnson. It starts before the actual discovery of America with coverage of events in Europe leading up to the voyages of discovery. I haven't gotten that far into it, and it is a long book, but at this point I recommend it.

I love my Kindle Reader for PC™, I can have books on as many as 5 devices (computers or iPhone), and take them were ever I go. I really like it for reading at night, because reading from the laptop lets me read without lots of additional lighting, thus avoiding bothering anyone else who is trying to sleep. I just wish Amazon would get their Kindle application for the Blackberry™ ready to go.

It hasn't been a bad weekend, being snowed in isn't too bad if you are prepared and the power stays on. Tomorrow will be a bit dicey as everyone attempts to go back to work on roads that still aren't in the best condition, but we'll make it.

Meanwhile, we may get some icy conditions mid-week and another snow storm toward next weekend. It looks like the Ice Crone is enjoying Her rule this winter.



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  1. I just saw on our local channel we are slated for rain and snow on Tuesday and next weekend! WOWEEE. This could make for an adventure. We still have about 10 inches on the ground, now.
    Blessings, andrea