Monday, March 14, 2011

Praying for Japan

Since first learning of the disaster in Japan Friday morning, I have been praying for the people as they endure unimaginable hardship.

I have been profoundly worried about co-workers of mine who are in Japan, and their families. Over the 12 years that I have worked for my employer (a Japanese company) I have been blessed to know many Japanese engineers and management personnel who have since transferred back to Japan.

I hope that when I go to work this afternoon I will learn that all are safe and accounted for. I fear learning otherwise.

This is the first disaster outside the US in which I have friends and co-workers who may have been victims.

It puts it into an entirely different category. Its scary.

I hope today I will learn that Joe, Hero, Nori, and others are safe and sound. Until then I keep praying for them and all the other Japanese as they work their way through this horrible time.