Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Much to Do

There is so much that needs to be done here that it is mind boggling. Of course it doesn’t take a whole lot to get me boggled. Oh well.

My co-workers and I had to work through the holiday weekend due to orders needing to ship before the end of this month. So, I am in the process of deciding whether to take one or two days off at the end of this week to get caught up in the house and garden. I think two days off plus the weekend will give me a start on taming things down.

May has been wet here. As a result of all the rain everything has gone wild with growing. The grass is almost tall enough to be cut for hay, all the shrubs need pruned and the weeds are on a rampage of growth such as I’ve never seen.

The tomato seeds I started in pots need transplanted. The other seeds are still in their packets, wondering where is the gardener that promised them a chance the grow.

Better late than never I guess. They will be planted this weekend.

Wish me luck – I’m going to need it.

Be Blessed.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


We survived the tearing out of the kitchen and dining room floor (down to the floor joists) and remodeling of the kitchen with only a few extra gray hairs and less stress than I had thought. It was stressful though and is something I hope and pray never to undertake again.


The water damage was bad, Really bad. We even had mold growing on the sheetrock near the floor. So, that had to be torn out too.

We hauled off 2880 pounds of rubble to the landfill.


Then my son (I love you, son) laid a ceramic floor, installed new cabinets and finished it all off with a ceramic tile counter top and backsplash. The open design gave us much more room and greatly increased my husband’s ability to move around and access the kitchen when I’m away.



I love everything about it. I’ve lived here and dealt with the tiny galley kitchen for 22 years. (My son who did the work was only 11 years old when we moved in.) An open floor plan kitchen was always a dream. If not for the water leak it would still be only a dream.

My son turned a disaster into a dream come true for me and his step-dad. We are enjoying each and every day in the new kitchen.

Monday, May 7, 2012


I’m beginning to think that if I make it through 2012 sane I will have accomplished a miracle.

It began with a car breakdown. It continued with the demise of my dryer. The last element of surprise was a water leak under the dishwasher that went undetected for weeks.

Throw a few terminally ill cats into the mix. Oh, and don’t forget increased demands for additional work hours from my employer.

Drip, Drip, Drip

The water leak ended up doing severe damage to my kitchen and dining room floors. I have them tentatively scheduled for repair late this week. The upside to this disaster is that we are going to go ahead and remodel the kitchen/dining room.

I’ve dreamed of doing this remodel for years. I just kept putting it off till later. The elimination of a very small galley kitchen into a more spacious open design will be a blessing to my husband who has difficulty maneuvering his wheelchair in the current small space. The additional storage will cut down on clutter and make preparing meals much easier for me.

It’s the disruption I dread. This is no small undertaking. It will be the biggest adventure yet at Shady Hollow.

Oh, my contractor? Why, its my youngest son. He is a brick/rock mason and does other construction as well, so we know we are in good hands. I’ll have a good showpiece of his masonry skills in the ceramic tile floor and countertop he is going to install for me.

I thank God I have a son who is able and willing to help us out. It’s a true blessing.

Maybe, just maybe I will stay sane this year.