Thursday, June 30, 2011


Finally!! I finally have a stretch of time before me in which to do what I want and need to do around the cottage! Oh happy day!

There is so much to do in a landscape that has been totally neglected this spring and summer. The to-do list rolls out like a child's list for Santa Claus.

Weeding (consisting mainly of pulling out pesky wild honeysuckle vine and poison ivy from each and every flower bed and bush), pruning, mowing and string trimming are all on the list.

Will I get it all completed? Probably not. Well, I do have to spend time with the hubby, go shopping, care for the critters, clean the house, get in my computer time….. You know how it is. Don’t you?

My thinking is that if I get most of the garden work done, then I can get the rest done a little bit each day before work. You believe that. Don’t you?

It is a grandiose plan, I know, given my propensity of late to spend way too much time on the computer, wasting time on Facebook mainly. Yep, I’m guilty of falling into the allure of Facebook, and gasp, Twitter. Even though I don’t really have anything earth shattering to report on either.

Maybe I’ll do the before and after picture routine in the gardens. Or, after taking the before pictures, I may be too ashamed to let you see them. In which case I’ll post the “after” pictures of butchered… ugh… pruned shrubs and freshly mowed yard; or neat, weed less flower beds.  Maybe.

Maybe I’ll just wait a few days and write a post about the evils of procrastination.

Be Blessed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Gardens Turned Jungle

I have no pictures to post of the sad state of affairs in my garden. I’m too ashamed and any picture right now would look like a solid mass of green foliage anyway.

Almost daily rain from thunderstorms has led to this abundant growth. A case of flu for my husband and myself has caused me to get weeks behind in pruning, mowing and cultivating. 

Never fear though. I can straighten it out with a couple of days effort. The change will surely give me instant gratification.

Now that we are almost recovered from the flu. or creeping crud, or whatever it was things should get back to normal.

I might even manage to post on the blog more frequently.

Be blessed.