Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting on More

That's what my Daddy would say. "If snow lies on the ground for 3 days, it's waiting on more".

Daddy left for a better place in February of 1979. Almost 31 years later I can still hear his dire predictions when I was a child and snow would persist in staying around more than Daddy's 3 days. The snow that still lies across the hillside at Shady Hollow has been here much longer than Daddy's limit. The cold temperatures have caused it to linger since it fell on December 18th. It has blessed us with its presence for 2 ½ weeks now.

It's waiting on more.

Today's forecast tells the tale, with snow predicted for Thursday and Thursday night in the Western North Carolina Mountains. That's us.

The ground is frozen solid from many days of sub-freezing temperatures. The remaining snow had turned to white ice. It waits, with the patience of Job, for its reinforcements to arrive.

The little birds have been in a feeding frenzy during the cold spell. I've been putting out pieces of bread for the little chipmunk that lives under the patio. The birdseed and bread disappear quickly, most welcomed by the small creatures.

Later this morning I'll make a quick store trip to get needed supplies and a few extras in case we get snowed-in again.

After this snow, I am praying the weather warms up a little. I don't want to be counting down those 3 days again for awhile.


  1. Hope you stay safe and amongst your supplies will be found some good books to read and a cat toy or two to keep the furry kids entertained!
    Hugs and prayers,

    PS: we may get some tomorrow night, but they are saying...only a dusting!

  2. Ah we had snow late this year; nearly not a White Christmas! We usually get our first snowfall that sticks on Halloween night; and it lasts until March or April.... but of course, this IS the Great White North!