Monday, January 18, 2010

Car Inspection Time

I have to get my car inspected. It's one of North Carolina's ways to get cash for the treasury. If your car fails the emissions test you have to get the problem fixed. If you try and it won't "fix" you can still get your approval on the car, for a hefty fee. So what point is the inspection? To get cash for the treasury, not to keep polluting cars off the road.

So, as my car ages, I dread inspection time with a passion. One way or another, my wallet is going to be lighter or my credit card debt heavier. You just can't win.

Later this morning I'll make my way to the inspection station and wait while the technicians hook my baby to the computer that's linked to Raleigh and hope for the best.

Wish me luck. Who knows, maybe there will be a story in the trip.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't there a story in every trip we make...some of them we just can't tell..hahaha!
    Hope it goes well and Raleigh likes your baby! andrea