Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've not been sleeping well this past week. Part of the reason is my old bones don't like this cold weather and I'm having a hard time finding that comfortable spot that lets sleep come and allows it to stay. I think I managed 4 hours last night, and that may be an exaggeration. Needless to say, my body aches and my brain is numb.

On the bright side, there's something to be said for a numb brain. It prevents you from paying too much attention to things that would otherwise annoy you. It lets you slip into that twilight zone of not awake and not asleep when the news commentators on television go on and on about whatever the topic of the moment happens to be. It allows you to write long run-on sentences like the last one; and not care.

A numb brain enables the wearing of slippers on the wrong feet and not noticing until you are half-way up to the street to get the paper. Oh, and it allows you to go after the paper in your pajamas and not care if a neighbor sees. It makes it possible to make a pot of coffee and not turn the burner on, so that when you go for the second (much needed) cup; the coffee in the pot is getting cold.

Although I am suffering from "numb brain syndrome" this morning, I am a wee-bit functional. For instance, I noticed that the warmer day yesterday did melt some of the snow that has been hanging around since December 18th. We still have some piled here and there, but the areas are shrinking. Maybe by the weekend it will be history at last.

I noticed that the lone robin that arrived last week does not look so miserable today. I'll bet he is really glad for the warm-up.

Yesterday I had sprinkled out about a half bag of popped popcorn for the robin. Jim told me that just before dark a possum came along and ate the popcorn. After having his snack he went on his merry way (probably looking for a car to walk out in front of).

I put my wish in for a full night's sleep tonight. Numb brain syndrome can be fun, for the people watching you try to fumble through the day, but I'm hoping for a rapid recovery.

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  1. Ahahaha!

    Oh poor robin but lucky possum; I love popcorn!

    Hope you catch up on the Zs and figure out that whole right-foot, left-foot thingy.