Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rain On the Way and Other Ramblings

It isn't raining yet, but the clouds moved in last night. They are low and heavy with moisture. The forecasted rain is expected to be torrential and flood watches and warnings are already posted. One thing I've noticed about the Mother: When she breaks a drought, she does so in a big way.

Shady Hollow is high enough on the hillside as to be safe from flooding. We may have water in the lower gardens where the Fairies live. If so I'll take some pictures and post here. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Fairy as I take the pictures.

I'm taking life easy this morning as I wait for the rain. The hours I've been putting in at work give me a "reason" to take it easy in my view. That's my excuse anyway.

In the weekly meeting at my work yesterday the emphasis was on H1N1 prevention and what to do if we or a member of our household comes down with it. In a nutshell: Stay Home. Even if it is a family member who is sick; stay home and do not come back until they are better. I was glad to hear that. I had worried, for if my husband became ill I was afraid I would have to face down angry bosses in order to stay home with him. With his health as precarious as it is, I would not dare leave him home alone if he were sick.

Now I have to convince my husband to forego some of our outings and stay away from the possibility of catching the virus. Not as easy a task as facing down those bosses would have been. He lives for his "get out of the house" days.

A gentle rain has started falling. My coffee cup is empty. With that I'll move from this comfy chair and see what has to be done this morning. Then I'm going to take it easy some more.

Be Blessed.

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  1. Glad those orders came from "the bosses." I had to chuckle when you said they were easier to face down than the hubby!
    It poured here all night. We are to get more rains and our home is above the flood levels for our area, too.
    My outing for the day was a MUCH needed hair cut. Enjoy your coffee and have a blessed day.