Friday, October 16, 2009

New Gardening Toys

I've been using electrically powered gardening tools for several years. My tool shed sports two electric chain saws, an electric trimmer/edger and leaf blower. All these tools have made my hillside much easier to maintain as I've grown older. Their limitation is the length of power cord and the hassle of dragging the cord around.

After the untimely demise of my electric trimmer I decided to replace it with a battery powered unit made by Black & Decker. The battery powered trimmer is actually lighter in weight than the electric powered one was and I have much more freedom of movement. It is a joy to not be dragging many feet of electrical cord around and constantly pulling it unplugged as I work.

I was so impressed by the battery powered trimmer that I went today and bought a Black & Decker battery powered leaf blower. The one I chose uses the same type battery as my trimmer, giving me an extra battery for each. I used it this afternoon to blow off the front patio, driveway and parking area, and back deck. By the time I finished the battery was growing noticeably weak. It didn't matter, as I had managed to clear off all the areas I was concerned about.

I really like the battery powered trimmer and leaf blower. Both are extremely easy to use. The batteries are easy to change and lock securely in place. I am very pleased with being freed from the dragging power cord. As much as I like these products, there are drawbacks. The batteries run low long before I am through working. I take that as an opportunity to take a short break while I change the battery, but if I was in a hurry to complete the job I might become more annoyed.

The length of use before the batteries die is sufficient for a smaller property. Most homeowners would have no problem getting their chores finished before giving out of power.

I will probably invest in a light weight gas or another electric trimmer next year as some of the areas I trim are beyond the capabilities of the battery powered unit. I am not sorry I bought either of these products though; they are welcomed additions to my gardening arsenal.

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