Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Plants & Gardening

It's about time to bring the houseplants inside for the winter. I dread it. First of all there's the 'where in the world will I put them all' issue. Secondly, there's the "will the cats totally destroy them within the first half-hour' issue. Thirdly since I'm bringing in the houseplants, winter must be near and that is depressing.

I brought the African violets inside and put them in my cat-free plant room last weekend. I've had those violets for over 20 years, so they are part of the family. They have been delegated to the plant room because of the cats. In times past, before the cat population grew to such large proportions (thank you, Precious), the violets spent all year in the kitchen and living room windows. Nibbling African violets is not good for kitties, and these kitties nibble every green thing they see. So, down to the plant room the violets went.


The kitties are disappointed that the hummingbirds are gone. They lost their primary entertainment when the flock left to fly south. They still have the squirrels and chipmunks to watch, and are still in the aforementioned windows much of the day.

Tigger is feeling poorly the last few days. If you read the cat's blog you know he has had health issues all summer. I have accepted the fact he may not stay on this side of the veil for many years. That makes me sad, for he has a wonderful personality and is very loving. Looking into my crystal ball, I see another trip to the vet in my future.

Friends and Family

My brother-in-law passed away Sunday, his funeral is tomorrow. He was 92 years old. My sister passed away three years ago at age 86. My nephew took care of them both and is alone now. He has been caring for his parents for so many years that I'm sure he is feeling lost right now. My heartfelt prayers go out to him. I know from my own experience that caring for a sick or disabled loved one becomes the biggest part of your life. Everything else comes in second. I dread the day when I walk in the shoes my nephew wears today.

My best friend's husband is very ill with sepsis of the blood. He is in intensive care and on life support for nearly a week now. He has suffered severe rheumatoid arthritis since his 20's and the years of fighting RA and the toxic waste medications taken for it have taken their toll on his body. He is only 58 years old.

Shady Hollow

Standing firm and solid, the little cottage awaits the winter chill. She welcomes me home each night with a sense of peace. To drive between her guardian oaks and down into the hollow brings a sense of safety that makes my heart sing. Home! Home again and away from the spiraling craziness of the outside world.

I pause sometimes to read again the welcome plaque by the front door, "Welcome to Shady Hollow, my friend; a place not a place; no beginning, no end. . ." I "borrowed" the poem from Dorothy Morrison. I removed the name of her home and replaced it with mine. It just seemed to fit. Shady Hollow is a magical place, hidden from view for most of the year. Protected by the Unseen and loved by many. The bond I have with this place cannot be described or explained. It is a spiritual connection between me and the Spirits-of-the Land.


So ends the post containing and little of this and a bit of that. Be blessed.

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  1. I, too dread bringing in all those plants and figuring out what in the world to do with them.

    I am continuing to pray for Tigger. It is hard when we realize our time with our animals, friends, or family may not be as long as we would like. This thought reminds me to cherish or try to cherish what time I have...sometimes, I do not do such a great job at that, either.

    Love you and praying for your friends hubby!

    Blessings, andrea