Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confessions of an Avid Seed Collector

My husband used to get embarrassed at my passion for seed collecting. We could be walking along Hendersonville's main street and instead of window shopping, I would be checking out the huge planter boxes that line the streets. Oh sure, the flowers were beautiful. I enjoyed them each summer when we would go uptown. During fall I would be scanning for seed pods.

My neighborhood walks, trips to the bank and other establishments are also prime seed collecting opportunities. A few baggies in my purse are all that's needed.

The end result of all this covert seed collecting is growing all around Shady Hollow. Red Barberry, Rose of Sharon, Purple Coneflower, Lambs Ear, Hosta, Daylilies', the list goes on. I also save seed from annuals and perennials growing at Shady Hollow for use the next year.

I started seed collecting when I had little cash to spare for buying seeds or plants. It is now part of who I am as a gardener. I am always on the lookout for seed pods wherever I go. It is a fun and potentially beautiful scavenger hunt.


  1. Nice to meet you! We live in the Asheville area with lots of cats - you visted our cat blog. We are very much into organic gardening and walking softly on the earth. will chekc back often!

  2. Thanks for dropping in at Shady Hollow and the Cathouse. Shady Hollow is in Hendersonville, so we are neighbors in a sense. We walk softly on the earth here as well, and delight in caring for her creatures (domestic and otherwise.Please do stop in to see us again.