Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cold and Windy

It's a cold and windy October morning. The temperature is hovering in the high 30's and the wind has knife blades that cut through your clothing and chill you to the bone. We have a frost warning out for tonight with temperatures expected to be at the freezing mark or below.

Between the rain and wind our poplar trees are almost bare. We can now see across the creek into the bottom land beyond to the pond. That view is completely hidden during summer by thick foliage.

The house plants are all safely inside, and are being nibbled and trimmed by the cats, who then promptly get sick from their efforts. I need to buy stock in a paper towel company.

However cold and windy it gets, the little cottage is warm and cozy. The cats are racing around being encouraged by the sound of the wind.

Besides my daily chores I think I will spend some time today organizing the flower photos I took this year. Such a short time ago all were in full bloom. Now they are dying back, waiting for that first freeze and resting time.

1 comment:

  1. It is cold here, too. I have pulled out the wool socks..they don't look so cute, but looks are NOT important when the wind and cold cut through your clothes.

    PS: Stay warm and thanks for your prayers and support...You will never know what it means to all of us.