Friday, November 6, 2009

Good to be Home

I frequently check FaceBook and Twitter on my cell phone while I'm at work. I also have my email forwarded to my phone, like so many people do these days. I hadn't been at work long yesterday when I got an update saying a massacre had taken place at Fort Hood, Texas. I immediately texted my husband and he turned to Fox News for information.

Text messages flew fast and furious. As a retired Master Sergeant, my husband wanted to know how such a thing could happen. I wanted to know who did it and why. He watched the news and kept me up-to-date. I checked Twitter and other sites to see what I could learn whenever I had a chance. We passed information between ourselves and to my co-workers, who were also concerned. I'm sure everyone else in the country was doing something similar.

It was good to get home tonight. Good to give my husband a hug and pet the critters.

When I turn down the drive into Shady Hollow each night and drive between the Guardian Oaks much of the world's trials and tribulations fade away. That feeling was not quite the same tonight. Somewhere, twelve families are grieving due to a senseless act of violence that robbed them of their loved ones. Thirty-one other families are praying for the recovery of their family members gunned down by an extremist. Somewhere, the gunman's family is also praying for his recovery and for understanding of how he came to commit this act of violence.

Its good be back in the safety of my little world at Shady Hollow.

Tonight we pray to all the Gods and Goddesses', known and unknown; remembered and forgotten. We pray that the families will find a way through their sorrow and loss, and that those wounded will heal, and that such acts of violence will never happen again.

Blessed Be.

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