Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Killing and Fear of Things to Come

Friday's news stories about the massacre in Fort Hood were interrupted by news of more shots fired, death, and injuries in Florida. I have been telling my closest friends for months that I foresee more and more violence. I tell them to be ready to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangers they cannot imagine. I stand by my vision. I have seen this thing that comes for many years in visions and dreams.

About midmorning Friday, our cats began acting as though they had been spooked by something outside. Upon checking, I found two young men, in their late teens to early twenties in the street in front of Shady Hollow. One was absent mindedly bouncing a basketball while he carefully looked over the front entrance to the cottage. A quick glance from him up the street led my gaze in that direction where I saw the second young man, staring toward the basement entry to the cottage.

I was hidden for a few moments but once they spotted my watchfulness the second young man walked toward the first. I looked long and hard at them and know I can identify them if I see them again.

I came inside to tell my husband to be sure he locked the door after I left for work. Turning back to the door to again look at the two men, I saw they had disappeared. I do not know which direction they went, I assume it was up the street. No vehicle was in sight. They were on foot and were not residents of the neighborhood.

I feel certain they were "casing" Shady Hollow. If not, then my neighbor's home (she is a widow and lives alone). But their actions and location makes me believe it was my home they were checking out. My husband's wheelchair ramp probably made it look ripe for the picking. Woe unto them should they try. He is a crack shot and Vietnam taught him to shoot first and let God sort them out. I'm not so bad a shot either, and will protect my own.

Early last spring some young thugs broke in on a couple not much older than us and beat the man to death in a robbery attempt. Hs wife was gravely injured as well, but survived. We decided then that we would be ready to protect ourselves.

Incidents like what happened here Friday, the massacre at Fort Hood and the violence in Florida all tie together into a bigger web of violence and discontent that is rising up in our land and the world. Be ready, be watchful, and don't be caught unaware.

As I stood outside with my cigarette tonight I looked up at the waning moon and the glorious night sky and prayed for all of us. We are but small creatures in the grand scheme of the Universe and yet our Goddess' and God's have taken us under their wings and have tried to nudge us along our paths. They look out for us to a point. At that point they trust we know enough to look out for ourselves inasmuch as we are able.

May They All continue to watch over us, and protect us; for we are still young and create hazards for ourselves which, without them, we cannot overcome.

Be Blessed.

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