Monday, December 21, 2009

Yule (Winter Solstice)

I stood at the window; it was just too cold outside, and waited for the rebirth of the Sun. The Eastern sky gradually lightened and turned a pale blue. Slowly it brightened as I waited. Finally the first ray of sunlight shot across the land. Bright and full of promise the ray sped by me and onward across Shady Hollow and toward the western sky.

There was no sound as the Silver Wheel clicked a notch. There was silence as the world stood poised to gradually ascend toward the light part of the year. Even the birds were still and quiet. The Sun is reborn and light and warmth will return to the land.

All my weather lore foretold the current cold and snowy weather. It has shown me the conditions are right for a winter with more of the same. Yet, even while the North Winds blow snow across the land the days will grow longer and at last the sun and warmth will defeat the winds of winter.

My blessings to all on this Solstice morning. May the Sun always shine on you wherever you are on your journey through life.

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