Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas morning at Shady Hollow. The cats have been fed and the coffee made. Rain is falling from the gray skies, attempting to wash away last week's snow. So far it hasn't had much luck. There are areas where the good earth is peeking through the snow pack, but it will take much more rain to finally wash the snow away.

While they gleefully rode the snowflakes to earth last week, methinks the Fairies are all safe and snug in their cottages this morning. In my mind's eye I can see them in their tiny abodes, gathered around their tiny Christmas trees. I'm sure some are even in our cottage, hiding among the branches of our tree, waiting to play with the cats or hide items I may need today.

While we at Shady Hollow keep to the Old Ways, we still celebrate Christmas. To be a true Pagan, one must honor ALL the Gods. Our myths and legends hold many Gods and Goddesses who intermingled with humans and produced mighty offspring who then aided mankind. Why then would we not also believe the Christmas story which is also of the union of a god and human whose offspring has and will continue to offer hope and solace to so many?

We honor Him this morning, that babe born in the most terrible of conditions, whose life was an example of love and sacrifice, and Who gave His life for all.

Merry Christmas!

Blessed Be!

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