Monday, December 7, 2009

Unexpected Visitors

It is cold at Shady Hollow. After getting to see a few snowflakes on Saturday morning our weather took a definite turn toward winter. Serious winter, with temperatures in the low 20's Sunday and at 29°F as I write early Monday morning.

We had all wanted a little more snow. It was the weekend after all, and we wouldn't have to travel anywhere. It worked out alright though, for with the snow came some new visitors to the Hollow.

Jim saw them first and called me to look. He was not ready to believe his eyes. I looked for a moment and grabbed the camera.

Neither of us had seen a bluebird in years. I remember them as a child in South Carolina, but had never seen any here. There was a small flock of them, four at least, but we think maybe five total. They had settled into the limbs of the Survivor Tree, and occasionally one would visit the deck railing. They were feeding below the deck, presumably on herb seeds.

We feel blessed that these little beauties rode in on the snow. We saw one again on Sunday and are hoping they will hang around for awhile.

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  1. Awesome. WE have them here. I love to watch them.
    Blessings, andrea