Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December’s Chill

The flowers were not killed the other day as I expected. Judging from the outside temperature as I write (in the wee hours of the morning again) they will probably succumb tonight to winter's chill. If not, I will have salvia, impatiens and begonias blooming outside on December 1st.

In two weeks I will be starting my begonia seed for next summer. In the months after I'll be busy in the plant room getting other seedlings underway. Winter is not necessarily a time for rest at Shady Hollow. At least not under my grow lights!

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  1. It is very cold here. We awoke to frost this morning. Doug took the dogs out at 5:30 am and slid on the frost/ice and fell down the back steps. THANK GOD he was not injured...I know he is going to have some horrible bruises. I heard the thump and went running...I didn't know who or what fell, but I knew something was going on in the quiet of the morning.
    Blessings, andrea