Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Storm

It snowed at Shady Hollow on Friday. Serious snow. We knew it was on the way and had stocked up on supplies. Tigger was brought home from the vet's the day before with prayers that he didn't take a turn for the worse after getting home (prayers are answered so far on that one).

I told my boss the night before, "Remember, I don't do snow." He nodded affirmative and said that was OK because he had heard this one was going to be bad.

Friday morning we had received a dusting, but it had started to mist rain with a little sleet mixed in. I kept watching the Weather Channel and they kept assuring me it was on its way. They were correct. By mid-day it had begun to snow heavily and continue snowing until after 10 p.m.

I kept taking pictures all day and again this morning. These white squirrels were in a feeding frenzy below the bird feeder before the snow had accumulated more than an inch or two. I never saw any squirrels today. I suppose they were staying curled in their beds, snug and warm.
I haven't seen the chipmunk, but did toss him some food over near the opening of his den. I know he is the warmest, as is den is next to the cottage and he gets some warmth through the wall.
My adventures have been few. My enjoyment has been great. I don't think I have gotten as much pleasure from a snow storm since I was a child.
Tomorrow I will dig us out and get ready for Monday and the real world again. But for now, locked in the Ice Crone's embrace, Shady Hollow and her inhabitants are all at peace.
Be Blessed.


  1. Great story Joyce, ....glad all is well!

  2. Beautiful!! Love the picture of the white squirrel. Be careful digging out. It is a sheet of ice here, today.
    Blessings, andee