Monday, July 26, 2010


July is winding down. As August approaches I can’t help but wonder if it will surpass July in the number of super hot days.

We have had some real hot ones here lately, as has most of the country. The heat has taken its toll on me and on the gardens.

My single remaining hibiscus has started blooming. I told hubby yesterday that I will be ordering more seeds and starting more this winter. I lost the others due to my neglect, I won’t do that again.

Cannon 012

Cannon 013

The cannas experiment (putting them in the front flower bed) has been successful. they seem to like it there.

Cannon 014

They should be blooming soon. I can’t wait!

Earlier I wrote about my Rose of Sharon that bloomed from seed. It only had one white flower. I am happy to say that more of the seed-grown Rose of Sharon's are loaded with buds and soon will be in bloom. I’ll be sure to post when they do, with photos. I am anxious to see just what colors I may have.

The container plants are finally filling in and looking better.

Cannon 015

I was worried, it seemed to take them forever to get going.

Have a beautiful end of July. Next time I’ll tell you about my frog encounter.

Blessed Be.

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