Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Watering Woes

Every time it gets hot and dry like it is now, I have to wonder to myself, why did I plant so much stuff?

I hate to go outside, all the plants from the oaks to the container plants are crying for water. Of course I can’t water everything. My budget isn’t set up for a water bill that large.

So the veggie patch gets a drink, the container plants and a few other plantings as well. That still leaves shrubs and daylilies thirsting for a drink.

On a walk around the gardens yesterday I noticed the ground has cracked and in areas looks like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Monday I drug out a soaker hose and placed it around the tomatoes and cucumbers in the veggie patch. That helped for the plants it reached. I didn’t have enough hose, dang it! So, yesterday morning I watered the remaining plants with the garden hose and hoped for the best.

I saved my shower water and watered the cannas, shrubs, and various annuals in the front bed. I was careful not to let it get on their foliage, so that should help them out a little. I watered the container plants.

I don’t mind watering the container plants. I expect to. Carrying water to some of the others is getting hard on my back since the arthritis has taken hold. But, hey, a gardener has to do what they have to do. Right?

We may get some rain over the weekend. I think we have a 60 percent chance of a shower stopping by. I hope its a big, long shower and everything can get a good drink of water.

Until then the hoses and watering cans are getting a good workout, as is the gardener.


  1. Our hoses and watering cans are getting quite a work out, too! However, it just doesn't seem to be enough.

  2. I know, all the watering in the world doesn't work as well as real rain. We just have to hope for rain soon I guess.