Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally: Rain

I knew that sooner or later one of those hit-or-miss thunder storms would have to pass over Shady Hollow. The law of averages had to kick in. I was beginning to wonder though.

Yesterday we had a string of storms pass over and another storm today. The grand total in our rain gauge was about 2.2 inches.

A quick check of the veggie patch this evening showed me that there will be bean picking to do in the morning. And provided I have taken enough measures to prevent blight, we may soon have some home grown tomatoes.

The flowers all look extremely happy to have had plenty of rain.

Cannon 003

Cannon 005

I’m just glad to see everything greening up again and not looking so wilted. No amount of watering can do as much for the plants as a good rain.

Be Blessed!

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