Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pesky Rabbits

I had worked all day in the gardens. The pruning, dragging brush, carrying buckets of finished compost, hoeing, and planting had left me extremely tired. All I wanted to do was enjoy the evening out on the deck with my husband.

Proudly I began pointing out my accomplishments. “I replanted the gaps in the bean row”, I said. “Look, a rabbit!”

Said rabbit hopped across into my neighbor’s yard, hop, hop, hop. So cute!

Looking down on my vegetable garden, I realized the bean row that I had so carefully hoed and reseeded a few hours earlier no longer existed. It had just hopped away in the belly of that extremely fat and contented rabbit.

“I told you that you needed to put a fence around the garden.”

My husband was right, in fact, he had told me I needed a fence several times. I had procrastinated, because I wasn’t at all sure I could put up a fence. Insecurity had made it easy to put off till later.

“I’m going to do that, right now!,” I snapped at him as I headed for the car. I made the trip to Home Depot in record time. (It helps that it’s just 2 miles away.)

In short order I had 100 feet of 24 inch fence and 20 metal fence posts. I knew just where in the store to look, hubby had shown me on a previous trip where the fencing was and what I needed to prevent a rabbit invasion. But, I was in procrastination mode at the time.

My fence was up before dark. Anger at losing my bean plants overcame insecurity about my fence building abilities. I even managed to replant the bean row before darkness set in. With the rain we received the next day I should have more beans up and growing within a day or so.

With any luck at all, the rabbit(s) will be content with the clover and grasses growing around the cottage and in the meadow. If not, well, I haven’t had fried rabbit in many years and it would be delicious.

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