Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fishing Trip

Thanks to our friends Bill and Linda, Jim finally got to go fishing two weeks ago. It had been nearly three years since he had ‘wet a hook”.

Bill managed to arrange the trip to a private farm pond with easy access. I was pleased that we could drive right down to the pond and park in the shade.


It made it so easy to get Jim out and fishing in no time flat. Best of all, the fish were hungry. It wasn’t long before he was reeling them in.


Bill fished for awhile, then helped Jim with the fish he caught.


Then he helped Jim get to a better spot, there were bigger fish to catch.



Linda and I walked around the pond and enjoyed the beautiful scenery while the guys fished.


It just doesn’t get much better than this! Oh and Jim caught a fine mess of fish. He and Bill were so proud!


Jim and I are lucky to have friends who are as thoughtful and caring as Bill and Linda. We truly enjoyed the day and will cherish the memory forever.

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