Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Update June 10, 2001

I am happy to report that the beans I replanted after the rabbit invasion are up and growing fast. The row was replanted with a combination of yellow and purple beans which should be interesting. (Sometimes the “artist” in me just has to express itself.)

I have three baby cannas which have come up from seed I planted last year and one so far from this years seeds. I have a multitude of inpatients (at last) in the flower pots from last year. I felt certain they would reseed and they finally proved me right. A few are even blooming. They are so cute, the blossoms are bigger than the plants!

I didn’t start anything but tomatoes in the plant room this year. When planting time rolled around it was being used as a sick room for our rescue kitty, Ten. I had to wait until my outside volunteers came up to see what I have to work with this year.

So far I have inpatient and purple coneflower seedlings, cannas, a few petunias, cleome; along with the trusty balsam. There’s enough to work with to insure a pretty shade garden.

I did plant container plants for the big deck. There are four containers; moonflowers, purple morning glories, black-eyed Susan vine, and cardinal climber. I’m using old broken limbs for them to climb on. I’ll start posting some pictures of them soon. Right now the containers look bare with their sticks and tiny seedlings. If all goes well there will soon be plenty of beautiful vines and blooms.

It was time for a little update and hopefully I’ll get some new pictures up really soon!

Blessed Be.

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