Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh No! More Snow!

I just checked the Weather Channel website for Western North Carolina. Here we go again.

My heart goes out to the folks up north who have received feet of snow in the past few weeks. However, several inches of heavy snow can create the same havoc here. We just don't do snow very well. At least I don't.

Let's see, I went to the grocery store Saturday, so have plenty of milk and bread. Maybe I can get by without a last minute dash to the store.

If we do get the snow, I have plenty to do (if I do it). I bought seeds over the weekend for tomatoes, chives, peppers, and a few others to start in the plant room. This should be extremely interesting, as the plant room is currently doubling as a quarantine room for a sick stray cat we have adopted. You can read about him here.

So, depending on my mood, I may start some seeds tomorrow if I'm snowed in. I know Ten will enjoy having me with him for an extra amount of time. I'm also sure he will "help" me plant the seeds as well.

Or, I may just read. I have accumulated an enormous amount of books to read over the winter and have only read part way in several. So many good books and so little time!

Whatever I do with the down time, I will be praying this is the last snow of this seemingly never-ending winter.

Be Blessed!

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  1. We got more snow too and it is still coming down! Went for a hike as work was called off.