Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taking Stock

I spent some time yesterday checking out the gardens to see what might be taking place as spring approaches.

The crocus are blooming their little hearts out. (I have pictures to upload later.) One daffodil was in bloom, with others sure to be open today. There should be some flowering quince blossoms open today and the flowering magnolia buds are showing some color.

It was the worst winter we've had since moving to Shady Hollow. I expected to have more damage to the plants. So far it seems that they, like us, managed to weather the cold and the snow without much damage.

The stump I turned into a bottle tree last year has deteriorated to the point of no return. I am going to remove the bottles and cut it off at ground level. There is another tree stump in the back garden that can be the new bottle tree. I also have more bottles to decorate with. Once it is transformed into a new and improved bottle tree I'll post some pictures. It is near the fairies favorite haunts and I'm sure they will be pleased.

The biggest thing right now is cleaning up the residue left by fall and winter. Once that is done I can get down to the important part: playing in the dirt.

Be blessed.

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  1. My daffodils are peeping through the ground and a few others are beginning to appear.

    I saw a sign at a friends house that made me think of you. I tried to take it from her, but she wouldn't let me. It was a cute little wooden sign that read, "Don't piss off the fairies!" If I see another one...I am getting it for you.