Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow at Shady Hollow

It was absolutely beautiful as it fell from the sky. The tiny flakes glistened as they fell past the window to settle onto the remnants of the previous snow. This morning a glance out the window shows a winter wonderland scene. Tree branches with a beautiful coat of white stand out in the ghostly glow the night time takes on when the landscape is covered by fresh snow. I stand and look out at the beautiful scene. I whisper to the Goddess of Winter, "OK, we get your point, enough is enough."

Yesterday it was reported that every state in the union except Hawaii had snow. It isn't over yet. We still have the rest of this month and then March (remember the Blizzard of 1993) to get through before snow danger is over. Of course, Mother Nature doesn't use our calendar, I can remember a 4 inch snowfall that occurred in April about 29 years ago. We may be building for another of those late Springs, if the weather pattern holds.

We are all snug and content at Shady Hollow. Jim has a bit of cabin fever and I'm itching to dig in the dirt. It's much more fun to shovel compost than snow as far as I'm concerned. Everything in its season is the rule of the game that has existed since time began. Maybe we'll get out soon. Jim needs a change of scenery. I need new florescent lights for my grow room and a big bag of potting soil. I have the seeds already.

Be Blessed.


  1. I love spring, but I am quite enjoying the beautiful adventure we are on. One reason it makes me happy is because no one was expecting it and humans can't seem to wrap their brain around all this snow. It defeats the theory of global warming (as far as I am concerned). It is more like a global freeze...I LOVE IT.

    PS: Tell Jim I am sorry he has cabin fever, but I am praying for a late spring. I will pray he finds something he really likes to do inside...something to fill his days with sunshine and happiness.

  2. Been a bit of a winter for all! Hope spring comes soon. My husband has the seeds out and planning our garden!