Friday, May 21, 2010

Overtime and iPods

I've been working overtime at my job. I'm much too old to be putting in this many hours, working late into the night. But with today's economy (and all my vet bills) and the influx of work we've had: well its necessary.

I would rather work late during the week than work on the weekend. However, I'm waiting for my boss to ask me to do that too. He actually told me the other day that I could, "work 20 hours a day" if I wanted to. Right. (oh, and yes, he was serious.)

I have spent some of those long boring hours listening to my new iPod. I never had an mp3 player of any kind before. I signed up for iTunes and learned that not only could I put my music on the iPod (I did); I can download all these neat podcasts, and audio books to listen to while I work. I am in love. I can listen to the content of my iPod instead of the constant droning of the machinery.

Now, at the end of another week, I'm very tired, but wanted to at least fill you in on why I have not posted much anywhere lately. I have flower pictures and garden updates to post this weekend. Until then, be blessed.

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  1. What a beautiful way to make those long hours pass. The kids gave me and ipod and I love it. I have only put music on mine, but I may have to check some other stuff out. I have been pretty frugal with it...borrowing others cd's and down loading our cds to it. Haven't spent money on i-tunes, yet...but I will likely do so in the future.
    Hugs, andrea