Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Jobs: Part Two

The grass was so tall I could have had it baled as hay. Heck, it had started blooming and setting seed. The weeds in the "meadow" were also tall and mingled with young pivot hedge bushes, Asian Wintergreen vines and the ever present wild honeysuckle vines. Shady Hollow was a mess.

It was stormy yesterday afternoon, but I set to work between thunder storm threats mowing and trimming. The mowing went fine, and I managed to finish before the first thunder storm came through. Luckily we were on the South side of the storm and only got a sprinkle of rain.

Hubby had talked me into getting a gasoline powered string trimmer. I'd only used electric ones previously, so this was a new experience. The difference in cutting ability between an electric trimmer and this baby is amazing! I'm hooked.

The trimmer we bought has a blade attachment for tough to cut areas like the meadow. It made a world of difference in what I could cut. I finished the meadow just before our second thunder storm threat of the day. This one missed us as well, giving me time to take a much needed shower and hopefully wash away all the poison ivy juice that has deposited itself on my face and arms. (If I was unsuccessful there will soon be a poison ivy post).

At least I have one more "big job" out of the way for the moment. With that done, I can get back to digging and planting seeds.

Be Blessed.

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  1. Glad you were able to get it finished,......we got both storms and they were hum-dingers to say the least.......monsoon is more like it. Love the pics.....