Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Beautiful Morning

It’s wet at Shady Hollow this morning, so instead of gardening, I’m working on my blogs. The gardening will have to wait until it dries off a bit outside.

More plants are blooming or have just finished.

Sony 2009-2010 131 

The clematis and roses are very happy growing together.

Cannon 2010 123

This bush, a pass-along cutting from a work friend, bloomed happily earlier this month. The blossoms are a light pink color.

Cannon 2010 138

The pink foxgloves are outstanding. I wasn’t sure if they’d like this location, but apparently they do.Cannon 2010 134

Thanks for visiting. I’ll have more to show you as the summer progresses and more to tell you after I check on how things are doing after their day of rain yesterday.

Blessed Be.

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