Friday, September 4, 2009

Where Oh Where Did The Gardener Go?

This morning Jay Jay and I took a walk through the gardens. Fall is in the air and autumn wildflowers are in bloom. There is a patch of goldenrod blooming next to the Fairy Tree. I mowed around them all summer. The volunteer Sweet Annie are blooming, maybe I'll try to save some of their tiny seeds this year.

I surveyed the garden spot I gave over to herbs several years ago. I am thinking of returning it to vegetable production next year. It, along with the new veggie patch, should give us a bumper crop.

The flowers are still blooming. Some are looking a little sad though. Our cannas are doing well and still producing beautiful blooms. I'll post some a little later. The moon-flower vines are beautiful, their big snow white flowers slowly unfurling each evening and glowing under the light of the full moon.

The gardener has been reading, studying, and writing. Mostly on political matters. (I'm sure much to the dismay of her friends.) Those comments are on a different blog ( Shady Hollow is about this place, this little corner of the great big world that means so much to me.

The hummingbirds are readying for their trip south. The land is getting ready for rest.

All is good at Shady Hollow, even when the gardener is preoccupied with other things. Shady Hollow will sit quietly and wait

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  1. Sounds like a peaceful stroll. You make it sound like heaven....I am longing for a little cottage in the woods near water...and this post took me close.
    Keep reading, studying, and writing. Blessings and love, andrea