Saturday, September 26, 2009


Shady Hollow is waterlogged. The ground makes a squishing sound when stepped on. A year ago we were in a deep drought. Our water was under restrictions. I was watering plants with bath water and rinse water from my washing machine. The grass was dry and brown and made a crunching sound with every step. Red flag alerts were out, the tiniest spark could set the mountains ablaze.

Last week we were under flood watches and warnings as seven days of rain filled our creeks and rivers to the brim. Some rivers set new records, cresting feet above past floods. There were a few days of sunny weather before clouds moved back in yesterday. It is raining this morning.

During my time on this planet I've seen this cycle play out many times: drought, broken by an extremely wet period, followed by several 'normal' years. It is a never ending cycle for the earth. This is part of the larger cycle of wet, dry, cold, and hot that makes the planet a living entity, a celestial being with a life cycle of its own.

While the rain falls, the woodland creatures are storing up a bountiful supply of nuts and berries for winter. In this part of the cycle, I would not be surprised to see more snow than we've had over the past years. The squirrels and chipmunks feel the same way; they are working overtime to get ready.

I watch out the windows as the small creatures work the oaks and hickory trees. It's much too wet for me to venture out. Pruning and mowing and other chores can wait. I'll be content to watch from the windows as the slow rain falls.


  1. I love to watch the little creatures. We can learn so much by watching them. It is cool and rainy here today.
    Love ya, andee

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