Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Reunion and More Rain

My husband and I attended the first Steadman Family Reunion yesterday. The turnout was good, especially on a day of rain, rain and more rain. The river next to the building we occupied was rushing with all the run-off, not at flood stage, but near it. The sound of the rushing water sounded like a waterfall.

Those in attendance were faced with more food than we could possibly eat. I noted in my last post that my daughters were doing most of the cooking. Wrong! Everyone brought multiple dishes of some of the best food that ever met a fork. We have a variety of meat, vegetables, casseroles, breads, cakes, and other goodies to numerous to mention. One thing this family can do is cook!

The younger of Nellie and Andrew's sons, Joe, is a pastor and led us in prayer before we attacked the food. Later, my daughter, Mandi, who had organized the reunion and made it happen single-handedly, addressed the group in a general meeting and planning session for next year. I even put my two-cents in. No surprise there, I've always voiced my opinion without hesitation.

The rain actually stopped long enough for the children to enjoy the playground. Their parents had had the foresight to bring dry clothing for a quick change after playtime. The playground equipment was soaking wet and soon the children were as well.

After several hours, we left and headed back up the mountain to Shady Hollow. The drive up was as wet and foggy as the drive down had been. The road from Shady Hollow to the mountain's base can be an ordeal in bad weather.

Upon arriving home we saw that the creek behind Shady Hollow was out of its banks. We had "lake front property" for the first time in several years. The water never came as close as it has before, but it was easily visible from the back door and deck.

My husband and I had a great time and are proud of the effort put forth by Mandi to make the reunion happen. In this day and age of moves and financial hardship it is a very good thing for families to come together for a day of love and fellowship.

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