Monday, August 3, 2009

Harvest Update

The little veggie patch I planted has surpassed my wildest dreams. We have given away vegetables and I am now freezing some for our future use. I planted in the pottager style and included vegetable plants in among my flowers this year. The result has been fantastic as far as yield, but has had some unexpected results as well.

For instance, the tomato plants next to my garden shed have outgrown their cages and spilled into the path leading up to the shed. It is going to be nearly impossible to get the lawnmower out without damaging the tomato plants. This last weekend it made a perfect excuse not to cut grass, but sooner or later I will have to get that mower out.

The yellow squash I planted in the front bed are completely surrounded by flowers, making it difficult to find the little squash. Its like an adult Easter Egg hunt among the flowers when I go harvesting.

The only real "failure" I've had so far is with okra. A few plants came up, but they have never done well. I'll try again next year, but will have to visit our local farmers for okra this year.

The flowers are fantastic. The cannas on the deck and by the shed are healthy and happy. At this point about half are blooming with the rest to bloom within the week. These are all new to me, some purchased, others given to be by a dear friend, after mine failed to survive the winter. This picture is of one called "Princess Di." I'll take better measures to protect them this winter.


  1. WOW!! Beautiful and yummy!!
    Blessings, Andee

  2. Now I really miss my garden. I have been out of town for awhile so all the neighbors have had the benifit of fresh veggies and flowers. I can totally relate to those days you have to just be because of depression. My garden is such a therapy for me. Just the smell of the earth and sunshine grounds me. God Bless.

  3. ok...i have garden envy!! my tomatoes are so tall but don't have too many tomatoes and they are tiny and green. out of six okra plants one came up and it has two tiny leaves. i guess no okra this year. my pepper plants are just flowering. i think i should be harvesting so i guess no peppers. i have a lot of stuff for my compost pile though!