Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hurray for Mild Winters

This mild winter has been fantastic. If this is “global warming” I say bring it on. I could really start liking it.

This time last year we had snow on the ground and cold temperatures. So far this year we’ve only had one dusting of snow. The daffodils are up, crocuses and flowering quince are in bloom, and signs of life renewing abound. My biggest worry is that we might get a late winter smack-down and kill everything that has so eagerly gotten a jump on Spring.

I spent yesterday afternoon scrubbing the deck in an attempt to dislodge the green mold that had flourished there for the past few months. The deck faces north and lack of sun, damp conditions, and warm weather all contributed to the icky green mold. When damp it would become extremely slick and I feared a fall.

By nightfall we were receiving a steady rain which finished rinsing the deck. Maybe all the chlorine bleach in my cleaning water will discourage regrowth for awhile.

I’m planning my garden for this year. I can’t wait to get back to digging in the dirt. Maybe I will be able to lose a few pounds once I get back to gardening and the endless trips up and down our hillside. (One can hope anyway.)


  1. As much as I would love a big snow I hope you don't get one to squelch the new growth at your house. I am a little concerned about the bugs...I saw a mosquito this past week:(


  2. I agree! The weather has been wonderful and I hope it continues! Happy gardening (and please be careful washing decks and such!) ~Blessings

  3. the weather is un-naturally warm here in TN and it forced my bulbs to growing late January. That should not happen.

    1. Are your bulbs in bloom? My daffodils and crocrus are, tulips are up as well. I'm just praying a cold spell doesn't come along and kill everything.