Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hot Wheels Grandpa

My husband’s new wheelchair arrived today. It was delivered just before I headed off to work which let him give it a good checking out while I was away.

This chair has spoke wheels and pneumatic tires which enable hubby to be a speed demon while enjoying a smooth-as-silk ride inside the house and out. Its lighter in weight than his original chair which will make loading and unloading easier on me. By the way, you can get a full sized wheelchair into the truck of a P. T. Crusier.

Since getting this new chair is the equivalent to getting a new car for my hubby, he spent the time between my arrival home from work until bedtime expounding all the features and improvements over the old chair.  (It has lots of chrome, too.) This chair can also be accessorized with such goodies as cup holders, attachable trays for working on crafts or to hold a laptop, and other real cool things for an aging amputee.

We both think its pretty cool.


  1. SO good to see a blog from you again! (((HUGS))) to you both.

  2. That Katie Isabella that just joined you is my kitty, as she has a Good=gle account. Admiral Hestorb is your follower too. Also my kitty. Above is me and my human blog, Rambingon.

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