Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Absence Explained (Excuses, Excuses)

I was dismayed when I checked the blog and realized I hadn’t posted since March. Oh, shame on me!!!

What’s happening at the Hollow and in my life? Well, my excuse for not writing is my work. We have been very busy with overtime and tight deadlines. Therefore, this old girl comes home at night dead tired and brain-dead. Thus, no midnight blogging.

Mornings have been busy…. mostly getting chores done and readying myself for another shift on the job. There have been doctor and vet visits and the gardening that I’ve managed to slip in between all the rest.

As for the gardens; they have been beautiful so far this year. I made a bed for all the canna’s I dug last fall where I can leave them to overwinter. I planted them deep and with a thick layer of mulch they should be just fine.

The front bed has been redone with perennials. A hosta border backed with variegated hydrangea's, coneflowers,  roses, a clematis, and a Rose of Sharon.  

I’ve moved some daylilies. The bare spots in the lawn have been reseeded with a mix of grass and white clover. Shrubs have been pruned. The forsythia have avoided pruning so far. When I started I was warned away by a mother robin who had set up housekeeping within its mass of branches.

The cottage cats have run me ragged. One had teeth that needed pulled, one had a bladder infection and a strange illness in one of the elder cats turned out to be high blood pressure. Yep, kitties can get high blood pressure.

Hubby is doing good, only routine doctor visits for him now. Yay!!

I’ll get back in my groove and put some pictures up this weekend.

Be Blessed!!


  1. You are always comlaining about sumthin Hugz

  2. I thought you'd quit..so glad you didn't.