Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surprise Sighting

I was rounding a curve in the road, taking my time and thinking my own thoughts when he leaped down the bank ahead of me. Stopping at the edge of the road for a moment, he then pranced across. Big and beautiful, sleek and well fed.

I slowed to a crawl as I watched in awe.

Prancing across the road, he looked at my approaching car and it seemed he gave me a nod. Then with one smooth flowing leap he cleared the road side ditch and a rail fence that blocked his path.

I watched as he ran across the field. Strong. Happy. Free.

I know sighting a buck isn’t unusual in the mountains, but he was the first to ever cross my path.

I will never forget that beautiful sight. I feel blessed to have had a glimpse into a moment of his life.

Be Blessed.


  1. Welcome to my blog if you choose. I saw your comment at my cat's blog, The Adventures of Admiral Hestorb and I thought I would run to my own blog and add you there. Lovely to meet you.

  2. Wow, I know the feeling. I crossed paths with four deer last year. It really is amazing, isn't it?