Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking for Deer and Planting Shrubs

Every day as I drive to work, I hope to see that beautiful deer again. I want to see him and I want to avoid hitting him if he doesn’t give me as much time to stop.

My husband and I are both spending a lot of time in the morning and evening looking across the creek into the field beyond, wanting to get a glimpse of “my” buck or the doe our neighbor saw.

We keep thinking we will see them down at the pond getting a drink. So far, no luck.

I did notice this morning how thick the frost was on the grass around the pond. That will be commonplace for the next months. Winter is roaring in.

I am running out of time to plant some hydrangeas I’ve been holding in containers since last spring. If I don’t do it today, next weekend will be my last chance. Stay turned for developments on that project.

I’ve let myself get so out of shape that I almost dread shovel work and moving those big pots. It will be a step toward getting myself back in shape though. I have to look at it from that angle.

I know I’ll be happy next year when these shrubs leaf out and bloom. They are a variegated hydrangea with blue blossoms. My plan is to plant them across the front of the cottage.

Some years ago we pulled out a row of ancient azaleas that had been in that spot since the cottage was built. Since then I have used annuals in that flower bed. I think these hydrangeas will look really nice in that spot. They will also cut the amount of work required to make it look nice. That’s a good thing, as my time to garden seems to diminish a bit more each year.


  1. Girl, let's both pledge to do something about our mutual out of shapedness (such an invented word!!!) this winter. We'll be ready to run marathons in Spring!

  2. I know they will be beautiful and lots less work! Big hugs and lots of love,