Thursday, April 8, 2010

Writer’s Block, Sick Cats and the Grass Needs Mowed

If you write, you know about the dreaded condition known fondly as "writer's block". Also known as "a dry period" it comes on like a thief in the night, stealing words, ideas and ambition and carting them away.

Sadly, there is no pill, no treatment, no magic formula or other quick fix to the problem. The writer has to work through it or wait it out.

I have a mild case of writer's block. I also have obligations that are taking time away from gardening, daily chores, and just about everything else except going to work each day. It's a deadly combination for this and my other blogs. I've been waiting it out, now I'm trying to work through it.

One can only do so much with a houseful of sick or nearly sick cats, a workplace needing all the overtime you can give them, a husband fed up with the chaos, and spring chores needing done, topped off by a slight case of depression. It's a perfect breeding ground for writer's block.

I've been dealing with sick cats for months now and a fresh wave of sick cat problems has surfaced this week. I have to pick Lisa up from the vet later this morning and get advice on caring for several who have developed head colds/cat flu. Sometimes I think the cottage has turned into a cat hospital.

The warm weather has sent our grass on a growing binge that would make a fertilizer company proud. I have to make a trip for mower gas before I can cut it and I saw on the way home last night that gasoline prices here had jumped a dime a gallon while I was at work. (Glad I gassed up the car earlier in the week.)

I still haven't done our taxes and tax day is looming large on the horizon. Of course the fact I've procrastinated on the taxes again has fueled hubby's ire and put me in the doghouse for another April. Let's see, that's twenty April's and counting. (He still doesn't realize how bad I hate doing taxes and that I will put them off to the last minute for as long as I live.)

Work. Well that is something I could really rant about, but as the boss might read this blog, I won't. I'll just say that with a third of the workforce laid off, now that we have work, they want the remaining few to do it all. The stress is tremendous. We are all tired.

Maybe that is the reason I developed writer's block. Maybe I am tired and overwhelmed. Nope, that can't be it. Maybe it's spring fever…that sounds better at least. Or maybe I'm lazy. Or crazy.

I'm recovering though. I wrote this post! I actually sat here and worked my way through it! It was great to visit with you for awhile. I have to go now though, I've got to call the vet, go pick up Lisa, feed, water and doctor the other kitties, check the gardens for what's new this morning, and well, you know….take care of life.

Be Blessed.



  1. I am overwhelmed for you. Sounds like you need a vacation of some sorts...even if it is an afternoon with your feet dangling in a stream...just a little only sick kitties, grass, taxes, or the like. Well, that always works for me...however, I admit it is often hard to get. I am going to sneak away soon and dip my feet in a local river or stream..just something about the water...any body of water that makes me feel better. For now, I pray you will feel peace, love, and comfort being sent to you by so many and find strength to deal with the things at hand. Know there are MANY who love you!
    Lots of hugs, love, and prayers, andee

  2. Um, are you me? Because you described my situation perfectly. I hate taxes; I always procrastinate because I always end up owing money. Lots of other things are keeping me busy too; and I am so tired every night I have to push to get anything done.

    It is getting better, but yeah, it sucks when these times hit.

    Hope things brighten up for you.

  3. Andrea...can't remember my last vacation, but am thinking about a walk over to the pond this weekend....maybe...

    Maureen...Thank you for your comment, now I don't feel so alone in my tax procrastination ....I always manage to owe them too, thus the last minute preparation....

  4. Hope things quiet a bit for you - you need a break!