Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Rambling Update on the Garden

The only plants I've started under lights this year (so far) have been tomatoes. They have done well and I'm hardening them off now. There were 15 at last count, so if the dreaded blight doesn't get them first, we should be good to go on 'maters.

Wandering around the gardens this morning I discovered we will really be 'good to go' on 'maters' because I found scores of little volunteers. Some are in one of the flower boxes, others on the top of the compost pile! Well, hmm, that does present a problem. I was planning to use that compost to help with the tomatoes. Oh, well, I guess the garden gods got a jump on me there. Of course I will have to fight the blight, but so-be-it.

I almost tilled the garden last week. Upon seeing the forecast for heavy rain, I decided to wait and I'm glad I did. The storm system that wrecked havoc in Alabama and Mississippi has arrived. If I had plowed the garden would be washing away right now.

It just goes to show that sometimes my tendency to procrastinate works out to the positive.

I also noticed that there are plenty of baby inpatients, sweet annie, and petunias arriving on the scene. that's a good thing since I haven't started seeds yet. Maybe I won't have to and procrastination will pay off again.

The hosta are up and growing like crazy. Even the ones I planted around the oak are doing great. I'd had doubts about them, since I planted them very close to the tree.

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  1. We have gotten ahead of ourselves and planted tomatoes....hopefully not too soon. And brocolli, lettuces and onions. Your hostas care coming up great.