Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cousin Reunion: Filling in the Gap

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down face to face and have lunch with my cousin, John.

We had not seen or talked to each other since we were both children. We are  life-times away from being children now.

He was my mother’s favorite nephew. I was her only child. He grieved for his aunt when she died young. I wondered where Mama had gone and why she left me. Its hard to understand death at 3 years old.

In the end I was raised by my paternal grandparents. He lost touch with the family his beloved aunt had married into.

Life went on.

We both have children.  We also have grand and great-grand children. When Mother died, we were children. Now we are elders in our families.

He told me things about my mother I never knew. Good things. For instance:

I learned she was an avid photographer and even had her own darkroom.

I thought about my love of photography and all the cameras I own, from simple to a DSLR. Well, Mother, you managed to pass that passion on to me in 3 short years.

Our lives as cousins was cut short 56 years ago. Yesterday, we started filling in the gaps. Many lunches from now, we may get caught up.

Be blessed.

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  1. I have so very very few relatives left..been on the short side of relatives for some time now. I have one brother left who is quite a bit older than I, and outside of my sons..the rest are distant and I don't even know their names.
    What a wonderful opportunity you have with your relative speaking about times and common relatives. I would love that too. :-)