Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold In The Mountains

It is COLD!!!

It isn’t even officially winter and the temperatures are plunging into the teens at night with single digit wind chills. Brrr!

We are staying warm enough. I got the insulated drapes up in the nick of time.

The bulbs are inside and the shrubs are planted. The potted shrubs are in a safe place to overwinter. I almost waited too long though and am thankful I listened to my inner voice and did those chores when I did.

Right now I can stand by the the dining room window and look out across the pond. It is obscured by foliage during summer. If the temperatures stay this low, I’ll be watching it freeze over soon. All together now. . . brrr!

If you are in the large area blanketed in cold air, please be careful and stay warm. If you’re not. . . you lucky rascal, enjoy it for you may be next.

Meanwhile, I’m staying in the cottage as much as possible. The gardens are dormant and so is the gardener.

Be Blessed!

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  1. It's colder'n kraut here...and going to get colder.