Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

The first tinges of red, yellow, and gold are touching the trees, bushes and undergrowth at Shady Hollow. The tulip poplars have been dropping leaves for awhile now. I’ve already removed them from the deck once and its ready for another cleaning.

Acorns and hickory nuts are falling. The sound of a big hickory nut landing on the metal roof of the garden shed is common at this time of year. Unfortunately those same nuts fall on our cars, mimicking hail damage.

Its time for fall chores. Bushes need to be pruned, gardens cleared of vegetable plants no longer producing, leaves to be turned into compose piles for next spring. These days, the mere thought makes my back hurt in anticipation.

My back will have to get used to it, however. The fall season lets me have one last period of garden activity before settling in to wait out the winter indoors (as much as possible) for I don’t do “cold” very well.

I have several hydrangea to replant, along the front of the cottage, I think. Other newly rooted shrubs will be placed in a south facing area to winter in their pots. There are bulbs to dig and place in the basement to overwinter.

If I get time, I plan to move some of the daylilies to a better location.

If I get time.

That statement seems to encompass my entire existence this year. Time seems to be traveling at warp speed. Days are flying by much too quickly. Maybe the slower pace of winter will be a good thing for me this year.

We’ll see.

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