Friday, May 1, 2009

True Friends

If you have a friend, someone who you know in your heart understands you in your best and worst moments, then you are blessed. If you have a friend who knows the good and bad sides of your personality and still is there for you, you are twice blessed. If they love you, warts and all, you are thrice blessed.

Over time you can lose contact with someone who is your dearest friend. Life happens to us all. People move, get divorced, marry. People have heartache and loss and become involved in the long process of moving past their pain. All sorts of things can cause us to lose track of our friends, even if they rank "best friend" status.

Some of us get lucky. At just the right moment, the Universe moves, and we find that friend again. It might be a few years, or twenty or more in the making, but the Universe is not concerned with how much time. Its only concern is the right time.

The Universe moves and there is your old friend again. If this is a true friend, you find that conversations flow as if you'd never had a gap in time at all. The only manifestation of a time-gap is that the children are grown, and you both have grown or nearly grown grandchildren, and well, there is a lot of catching up and filling each other in on details that has to be done. But, the bond, the thing that made the friendship special is still alive and well.

As one who has experienced this special friendship and reunion, I consider myself to be most blessed by the Universe and Creator.


  1. How true, such bonds are rare to find but precious blessings when you do and speak of an understanding between two souls that is far deeper than this lifetime alone )O(

  2. Praising the Creator with you for sweet reunions. Much love, andee