Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gardening and Life

The seed catalogs have arrived and my heart sings for it means spring is not far away. In my greenhouse, baby begonias and foxgloves are reaching toward the light, waiting for the day when they leave its confines to feel the soft spring breeze and feel the warmth of the sun.

I often walk my gardens in winter, checking for any signs of life returning. Presently crocus and daffodils are blooming. The approaching cold will nip them. They are too far along to hide from the cold this time. I will bring some of them in so we can enjoy them as the snow falls and the cold winds howl.

This year I will be planting more vegetables among the herbs and flowers. The usual tomatoes and peppers will be joined by cucumbers, squash and other favorites.

Gardening makes apparent that life is a continuing cycle of birth, life and death. As the sun returns each spring the sleeping plants and seeds emerge full of life and vigor. As spring turns into summer they mature and bear fruit and seeds for the next year. In autumn they age and die or go into dormancy. This cycle plays out year by year as it has for untold ages.

As I watch my garden and contemplate the cycle of life and rebirth I draw parallels between the life of plants and of every other creature on our beautiful planet. We are all part of the cycle, passengers on the silver wheel of time as it circles around forever.


  1. You make me long to garden....God's creation is awesome and His cycle perfect. God Bless you in your journey. I look forward to reading more posts. andrea

  2. We're already starting to plan our gardening activities. We're going to e putting in more vegetables this year and fewer flowers and decorative plants.

    I just noticed we used the same blog template:-)